Águeda (Portugal), 18th to 21th December 2002

Through an initiative of d’Orfeu - Cultural Association, the European Seminar “d’Orfusão +” will take place in Águeda, from 17th to 22nd December. This event will gather delegates of young associations connected with arts, coming from 19 different European countries ( Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Rumania) for the establishment of contacts and the implementation of future artistic projects of mobility, among the partners of a European net, which includes theatre, dance, circus companies, musical groups, cultural promoters, arts centres, artistic schools, summing up 26 young artistic organizations.

This extended seminar aims to verify the viability of cooperation with countless d'Orfeu partners, either regarding the interchange d’Orfusão, regularly carried out, every July, in Águeda, or as a promotion of Cd'Orfeu and its associates, as potential participants in the multilateral actions, resulting from this seminar, to be performed in other countries. From the positive implementation to the European d'Orfeu dimension, comes the baptism of this seminar as d'Orfusão +.

The seminar, besides putting in touch similar European organizations (all of them connected with the artistic work by the youngsters) will particularly stimulate the massive participation of the local and regional juvenile associations on one of the scheduled days (friday, 20th December), precisely when the seminar will open its doors to the local and regional community, for a contact with the representatives of the 26 foreign associations. That moment foresees a visit to the permanent exhibition about the represented organizations and the personal contact with the potential partners. On the remaining time, the represented organizations will implement artistic projects to be carried out in several countries in 2003, engaging here their main partnerships.

d'Orfeu is a cultural association constituted and run mostly by youngsters and, in parallel with its endless cultural activity in Águeda and its creative side, still duplicates itself on the launching of European projects in Águeda, under the Youth Program, as well as on the mobility of its youngsters, who have recently visited countries like the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Finland, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary, mostly in projects of artistic development connected with music, theatre and performance arts.